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We all enjoy buying presents for our kids and those of our friends and family.  This site provide an easy way for your kids to maintain a list of presents that they want (or for parents to do it for them) and to publish it to grandparents, family and friends and to keep track of what has already been bought.

While we want kids to be able to manage the list as much as possbile themselves, as parents ourselves we understand that parents need some control over what ends up on the list.  Unlike other gift registry and gift list sites these sites are specifically designed with parents in mind to provide control over what is visible on the list.

The general process for creating/maintaining the list would be:

    kids enter the gifts they want
    parents review and approve gifts as appropriate
    family and friends view approved gifts and can mark those that they have bought
The sites provide 3 views of the list
  1. Child view: this view is used by the child to enter the gifts they want.  It also allows them to prioritize the gifts to indicate which gifts they want most.  This page shows all gifts added by the child or parent and shows the status of "added" or "approved" so that they know for what gifts the parent has given their ok.
  2. Parent view: this view is used by the parent.  It allows them to approve,add, delete, mark as bought and edit gifts for all of their children.  It shows the status of each gift which may be "added", "approved" or "bought" It also provides access to links that can be sent to guests to view the list and the ability to generate a printed version of the gift list showing items that have not yet been bought. 
  3. Guest view: this view is used by family and friends buying gifts for the child.
The pages which follow describe each of the pages.

Child View
Parent View
Guest View